About Us


InApril 2013, Highline’s founders began their own road trip. With years of experience in the caravan manufacturing industry they decided to venture out and put their take on custom designed and quality built caravans. Their passion for innovative design and building with high functionality enticed them to the challenge. Owned and operated by highly experienced staff, we pride ourselves on taking the time to collaborate with clients in order to create custom tailored floorplans and personalised versions of our most popular models to suit your touring lifestyle.


Our vision at Highline is to be a competitive manufacturer of innovative and high quality custom made caravans, offering high value customer service by a professional and passionate team.


Our mission is to create a better caravanning experience. Our business mission supports the vision by offering a range of well designed, functional custom made caravans at reasonable prices so that more people can afford to buy them.


At Highline we are committed to values that impact on every action we make. Our underpinning values are:

  • Respect & Honest
  • Quality & Safety
  • Leadership
  • Reliability & Consistency
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Competitive Spirit


At Highline, we combine high design and function with high quality. With highly skilled and experienced employees, Highline finds ways to get most out of the space; we are constantly looking for smart solutions to meet our client’s needs

Caravan Industry Association Australia
Self sufficiency winner
Caravan Industry Victoria
Best Aussie Vans 2019
Self sufficiency winner